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Price Schedule
Category thru 03/31/2017 thru 06/26/2017 thru 10/02/2017 thru 01/08/2018 thru 02/05/2018 thru 02/26/2018 thru 03/02/2018
Myrtle Beach Marathon (Saturday, March 3) $65 $85 $100 $115 $130 $145 $155
Half Marathon (Saturday, March 3) $55 $75 $90 $105 $120 $135 $145
Marathon Relay - Team Captain (Saturday, March 3) $105 $125 $125 $150 $175 $200 $250
5k (Saturday, March 3) $25 $30 $30 $35 $40 $45 $50

Categories *
Myrtle Beach Marathon (Saturday, March 3) - $115.00 thru 01/08/2018
Half Marathon (Saturday, March 3) - $105.00 thru 01/08/2018
Marathon Relay - Team Captain (Saturday, March 3) - $150.00 thru 01/08/2018

Each MEMBER of your team or family must enter a separate registration form. A link to the registration form will be included in your registration confirmation email so that you can forward the link to the other members of your team. They should use the TEAM MEMBER category when they register for your team.

If you are a parent or guardian entering several forms for each your family members, After you register yourself, then use the option to enter ANOTHER FORM for each person you are registering.
Marathon Relay - Team Member (Saturday, March 3)
5k (Saturday, March 3) - $35.00 thru 01/08/2018
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